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We are licensed Financial Therapists with a mission to ease one's stress around their finances. We strive to conduct an effective financial treatment in order to find money lost unknowingly and unnecessarily. What if your financial plan doesn't actually take you to your end goal? When would you want to know? With a healthy financial plan, you're destined for healthy mental and financial GROWTH!



We are licensed financial therapists who can conduct business in all 50 states and Canada. We have a fiduciary duty, meaning we only act in the best interest of our clients. We create unique bonds with each individual that we encounter. We specialize in finding you money that your losing unknowingly and unnecessarily to help you grow your money by earning uninterrupted compounding interest. The most beautiful attribute is that your current lifestyle remains the same yet enhances by allocating the lost funds into a place where its impossible to ever lose it again.

We are committed to educating everyone of all professional backgrounds. One's net worth does not exempt them from gaining powerful knowledge that can change their lives.

Services designed to meet you where you are.

We orchestrate the entire wealth management process and develop unique customized strategies to help each of our clients achieve their goals and dreams. Our team has substantial experience in managing wealth for individuals and businesses. Some of our specialties in educating our clients are on ways to live tax-free while growing and creating wealth reassurance due to strategic financial solutions that protect from market loss.


From the initial Financial Therapy session, we develop a comprehensive plan that is tailored to each client for both their short and long-term goals. We treat each individual/business unique, and we dive deep into the mental state of mind behind why we make the financial decisions we make. Often the more money one makes, the more debt that person is in. That’s why having the financial literacy behind money and the way it works is imperative in creating generational wealth. This is where we come in!


Most of us are not financially savvy and struggle with understanding the best places to put our money in order to earn a high rate of return. Too often we are exposed to market risk that can certainly lead us into a devastating financial future. The average American is in debt but doesn't need to be. We provide debt management solutions and educate our clients on how to have your money working double duty while paying off debt. 



As a first time life insurance policy holder and new mom of twins Working with Jenae Murphy was a wonderful experience. She explained the process very clearly and made sure she gave me a plan that works for me. When we finished I completely understood the policy. I’m very grateful she was able to take the time to explain everything in detail to me And give me security for my family

J. Stafford

I couldn't believe there was a place to put my money and have it grow at the rate Jenaes opportunity allows. And it's contractual. This changed my life completely. Jenae is the best! Highly recommended.

K. White

I was told about the Dual Profit System and it was super interesting to me. I didn't have life insurance and I didn't have my retirement money safely growing. I kept losing and then Jenae presented a strategy that was mind blowing. I'd rather take a risk with something safe than what I was doing already. Thank you Jenae. I hope more people listen to you and take this opportunity because it's the real deal.

S. Glasstone

Ease your stress. Education is key to helping you make decisions that will benefit you now and for the long haul. We're here to help.

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