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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is financial therapy?

Financial therapy has a combined focus of emotions with finances. The duality is to help one understand their relationship to money and how money plays a vital role in one’s emotional state whether good, bad, or indifferent.

How can financial therapy help me with my financial challenges?

What if what you thought to be true about money turned out not to be, when would you want to know? We are advocates for educating our potential clients and current clients about how money works so they can have sustainability with their money and accomplish the goals they desire.

What should I expect during a financial therapy session?

You can expect nonjudgemental conversation and a purely learning environment. It’s a conversation of awareness and nurturing.

Are your services available remotely or in-person?

Services can be offered both ways. In person meetings vary due to location.

Can I still benefit from financial therapy if I don't have any significant financial issues?

The best part about conversing about money is that it doesn’t discriminate. People can think they have everything figured out and find out when it’s too late that it wasn’t figured out like they intended.

Are you like a financial advisor?

I am considered a financial advisor. There are advisors that possess different licensing therefore are able to help in different ways. It is vital to understand your financial circles and how they all play a part in the financial conversation.

What makes Financial Therapy LLC different from traditional financial planning services?

Not only will we help you understand where you are vs where you’d like to be in life, but we will also help you find money you’re losing unknowingly and unnecessarily.  Additionally, we’ll teach you how to have an impenetrable financial system you can sustain.

What is the cost of a financial therapy sessions?

The conversation is FREE. The process to get to where you want to be is solely dependent upon the individual’s unique situation.  Therefore your foundational amount varies.

How do I know if financial therapy is right for me?

If you have any financial goals in life, then Financial Therapy LLC is a good fit for you. Afterall, money is going to be your longest standing relationship, so why not get to know your partner better?

Do you offer any workshops or group sessions?

We are constantly creating spaces for workshops and group sessions. Check us out on social media or sign up on our Linktree for upcoming events.

Is there a cancellation policy for appointments?

Yes. If time is money and we are positioning you to have more money to provide you more time we ask that you respectfully communicate 24hrs before the scheduled meeting.

Can I bring my partner/spouse to a financial therapy session?

We don’t mind if spouses/partners are part of the conversation. The knowledge you both know will ultimately put you in a better position in order to maneuver financially.

How do I prepare for my first financial therapy session?

Be prepared to be asked questions not only about your finances but about YOU. We would like to get to know you and want you to know us. Remember this is a confidential conversation.

What happens if I don't feel comfortable discussing certain financial topics?

If you don’t feel comfortable, we will discuss those feelings and try to unravel where the apprehension may be coming from. We are very strict about having a safe space for these uneasy feelings. The “getting to know one another” stage is important as it will help you to know that the person you are speaking with has been through hardships and you are not alone in your situation.

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