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Our Commitment to Results

We are committed to educating EVERYONE of all professional backgrounds. One's net worth does not exempt them from gaining powerful knowledge that can change their lives. Below are a few industries of which we have had the privilege to work with. There are more to come.​

  • Active Military and Veterans

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Doctors

  • Small Business /Corporations

  • Registered Nurses

  • Construction Workers

  • Attorneys

  • Scientists

  • Engineers

  • Auto Shops

Our Expertise

We are licensed financial therapist who can conduct business in all 50 states and Canada. We have a fiduciary duty, meaning we only act in the best interest of our clients. We create unique bonds with each individual that we encounter. We specialize in finding you money that your losing unknowingly and unnecessarily to help you grow your money by earning uninterrupted compounding interest. The most beautiful attribute is that your current lifestyle remains the same yet enhances by allocating the lost funds into a place where its impossible to ever lose it again.


Our Team

The Team

Marlon Grant, LIA


Marlon Grant was born in Boston, Massachusetts and moved to Savannah, GA from the age of 3 to 12 and then moved back to Boston. Growing up in lower class communities and living in a household with 2 younger twin brothers and 2 loving parents that always struggled financially made him want more and strive for a better life. Marlon graduated high school and then completed one year of college for business management prior to starting his professional career in 2007 as a pipefitter where he completed 5 years of apprentice training to become a licensed mechanic for Pipefitter’s Local 537. He continued this profession for 12 years, leading him to become the foreman (boss) at Salem Power Plant in MA where he supervised a crew of 20 men. Marlon has 3 children that mean the world to him and he is creating generational wealth for. In February 2020, he decided to change professions as he received his license in MA and RI to become a Financial Therapist/Agent. The information Marlon learned was mind-blowing especially since they don’t teach financial literacy in schools and he felt like more people need to know this information to prevent losing money unknowingly and unnecessarily. Mr. Grant has developed a passion for educating people on ways to get ahead financially by utilizing a magnitude of financial vehicles that have potential for high rates of return while guaranteeing protection against market loss. Marlon loves to give back to people and he is very active in multiple communities including his own.




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Jenae Murphy, LIA


Jenae Murphy was born in Boston, MA  and raised by a Haitian native grandmother. As the 3rd born on both mom and dad’s side, Jenae has always strived for balance whether work or personal. As a single mother of two girls and having gone through a multitude of situations such as physical, emotional, verbal abuse and abandonment, life still did not taint Jenae’s path to success. She started her college career in 2007 but completed her Bachelor’s degree in Human Services at Fisher College in 2019.  Working in the Mental Health field drew a light upon the immense need for emotional help around finances. Jenae knew there was more to be done in the world and amongst her community in order to gain growth as a collective. Jenae became licensed as a Financial Therapist/Agent in 2020 and has the desire to educate the community about the power of owning your own destiny through their finances while easing the pains we’ve succumbed to by way of social conditioning. Connecting one’s emotional state to finances can heal and bring forth richness in emotional health, hence creating generational wealth.  




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